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About The Numismatic Consumer Alliance

The Numismatic Consumer Alliance, Inc. is a not-for-profit company organized and existing under the laws of the State of New Jersey. It enjoys tax-exempt status granted by the Department of the Treasury, under the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code. John Albanese is the founder and President of Numismatic Consumer Alliance.

The organization has dedicated its resources and activities to the education and protection of the coin consumer.

Many industry participants understand the fundamental and pervasive abuses that threaten the integrity of the industry. It is anticipated that the company’s efforts on behalf of the consumer will provide opportunity and motivation for the development of a unified code of ethical behavior.

The industry has failed to prove its ability to competently self-regulate and police transactions between itself and the public. The company intends to bring attention to, and thereby illuminate certain types of fraudulent and illegal conduct.

Absent such an effort, history teaches that the industry is destined to stagnate at the bottom rung of the ladder of commercial conscience. It is time for the legitimate members of the industry to cease their tolerance of existing unlawful and disreputable business practices.

The company shall address specific venues within the the industry wherein lie transactions orchestrated solely to deprive consumers of their rights. The company contemplates establishing a channel of communication and cooperation with those charged with responsibility for the investigation of unlawful activities within the industry. The company anticipates that it will support law enforcement at all levels of government in connection with establishing cases for the prosecution of alleged wrongdoers.

Those who elect to contribute to and join the company shall be among those responsible for the evolution of the first truly non-profit entity dedicated to the exclusive benefit of the coin buying public. By supporting the company, you will be casting your vote for industry reformation and effective self-regulation